Benjamin Basford's Compositions

The home where I clump all my musical ideas together

In my spare time, I like to jot down short musical ideas I have, entering them into a music notation editor. After I get the basics down, I mix and export the rendered sound, and post them across the web to share. In no way am I trying to emulate being a professional.

All compositions are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license (BY). Feel free to download and share them anytime. Heck, you can even use it commercially! (with due credit of course). You can read more about the license that's used HERE.


Orchestral Compositions

Notation Stuff

The "Orchestral Compositions" were the core of Blank Cadenza. These were the ones that were thought out using music notation practices. Are either original compositions or original arrangements.
*These used to be the main compositions, but focus has moved away to more electronic-produced music like MIDI Monday and 3TS.


MIDI Monday

Weekly Songs

MIDI Monday (or MonDI for short) is a regular series of mine. These songs differ from my usual content, as I write these using my midi keyboard, instead of the notation route. A new song is posted per week (on Monday).


3 Track Shorties

Random Public Domain Ideas

3 Track Shorties (or 3TS for short) is a continuing, spontaneous series of mine. These short, random ideas are created using only 3 tracks in my DAW, then released into the internet wilds under the Public Domain (via CC0) license. New things posted whenever an idea pops up


Saturday Shorts

Short Classical Stuff

Saturday Shorts (or SatS for short) was a regular series of mine. These songs were written and edited within the same day in a span of 3-4 hours. A new song was posted per week (on Saturday).


Thursday Notation

Even Shorter Classical Stuff!

This series was the successor to Saturday Shorts. To help keep skills even, this was written to balance out MIDI Monday, by keeping my notational skills going and not stagnating. A new song was posted per week (on Thursday).



Archived Stuff

HortonHub songs were the older/not-so-good songs. These songs range from the years 2012-2015.


Main Software Utilized

Listed are the main softwares that help make Blank Cadenza Possible. Clicking the icons will open their respective website in a new tab

Notion 6

This is where the majority of writing happens. From here, the MIDI and MusicXML are exported.


This is the DAW that I use to edit MIDI and virutal instruments to then mix/master together.

VEGAS Pro Edit

This is the video editor that I ultilize for YouTube vids.


This open-source program is what I use to engrave the sheet-music for public release.


This is the photo editor that I use to do anything digital art-related for Blank Cadenza.


This HTML coding editor from Adobe is what this site owes its creation to.