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Audio Creation via Notation

All pieces start out being created in a music notation program. If you're not familiar with what a music notation program is and/or does, they essentially create sheet-music. After the song is written and is satisfactory, I then render the sound to send to mixing/editing. Once that's all done, I then post it online, free for anyone to use and distribute. Having been inspired by other composers such as Kevin Macleod and Benjamin Tissot with their beliefs in distributing music via Creative Commons, all Cdnza pieces follow suit.

I should make it clear that I don't try emulating in being a professional. To be honest, I don't know what I'm doing half the time. It's more or less the passion of creating music that drives BlnkCdnza forward.

Benjamin Basford

I've been playing violin now for almost 12 years. I've never had lessons in playing, but it's my love for playing it that inspires me to keep practicing and learning about the instrument. I've taken a year of Music Theory (which isn't a whole lot considering), which is what I use as the base for CD. Um, let's see...my favorite musician? Without a doubt, it's Jascha Heifetz. He was my role model while going through middle school and high school. I have a love for many different composers, and that makes it way too hard for me to even pick a few to feature in this about section. I'd constantly be changing names (my favorites usually change, depending on the mood ;)