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Yes. It is 100% free to use, whether it's commercial or not. The only thing that's required under the license I use is that you credit me somewhere visible. But in no way do you have to make it seem like you're endorsing me. If you're an artist, the only other catch is that if you build off my work (known as remixing), then you have to release that new song under a Creative Commons license. You can read more about it HERE.
HortonHub is what Composer Detraque used to be called before rebranding. It's still my compositions, just (probably) not as good as they are now. Hence why a lot of them are being archived. CDMusik actually keeps the old HortonHub website in it's archives. You're more than welcome to check it out HERE. But be warned, there are broken links, as I don't update/manage it anymore as it's obsolete.
Good question! My compositions usually use a combination of Notion 5's LSO, Garritan Personal Orchestra, and more recently, some Miroslav Philharmonik and SampleTank. That's the VST side though. I also incorporate some free soundfonts every now and again, as sometimes they can sound better than the VSTs. I have about 15 GB worth of VST instruments, and 2 GB worth of soundfont instruments at my disposal. They sound great (at least for me), I just need to learn how to mix/edit audio better...
First off, rest assured that "Cl1ck.Me" is NOT a spamming service/site. Believe it or not, CDMusik owns that domain. It's actually publicly registerd to me, Benjamin Basford. I bought Cl1ck.Me for my own purpose/use for URL shortening to share across the web. It's essentially my own Bitly service. I chose that name simple because I got a kick out of it, even though it can look/sound spammy. But like stated, I, and only I, use it to reduce my own URLs.
When I upload #SatS to YouTube, I upload them as unlisted. Why? Because when people find my channel, I want them to explore my main compositions. Not the songs that I just mess around with for a few hours. Not that I'm hating on SatShorts. This, believe it or not, is currently my favorite thing to do. But because I post these way more often than my actual compositions, this would be all that new people would see. That's why SatShorts is a CDMusik-Only thing (in a way).
No, there is absolutely no difference between "CDMusik" and "Composer Détraqué Musik". The only difference is the length really. It saves on the typing and pronunciation. And "CD" refers to Composer Détraqué, simple as that. That's why you'll see it mixed with things like "CDMusik" or "CDClassik".
Why? Well, to give you choices of course! All my music is free to download, no matter what. But some people don't like just having MP3s, and would much rather listen to uncompressed audio. That's where the free and paid options come in. For those who like the idea of owning uncompressed audio formats, such as .WAV, .FLAC, .AAC etc, I make them available for a small price ($0.50 per song). For those who wonder, I work in 24-bit WAVs while editing/mixing. I then export the finished product to 16-bit WAV and FLAC. I then convert those files to MP3 and OGG. Because MP3 is compressed, and probably the most common format shared, those are the ones that remain free. Browse Uncompressed Audio
Not to worry! I know a thing or two about making things found when searching for them in some kind of engine [ex: Google, YouTube, Free-Scores, Jamendo, etc]. And that's through the power of tagging! A lot of my things can be found if you just type in "detraque" instead of "détraqué". Another common way is to search for "cdmusik". Or just cheat the system by typing my name, "benjamin basford". Of course, your best bet would be "composer detraque". *Windows Users- For that "fancy" E, use the following [Alt] code: 0233
That's because I only use Public Domain or CC0 images. Which, consequently, don't require attribution or referencing. I do this simply as a way to avoid any kind of copyright issues that could arise. It could also be possible that I used a picture that I took and/or created. Sometimes a combination of both. But either way, that's why you don't see any links. But that doesn't mean I won't ever use something that requires attribution. Look at "Korra for Strings" as an example. The cover-art for that was something that was released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, which I more than happily obliged too!
Glad you asked! You can read a little more about it in detail at: https://cdmusik.com/news/en/regarding-soundcloud/.