Blank Cadenza Classical

Viod in the Daerm

I orianiglly wnet itno tihs tniyrg to coopmse a clcissaal slyte pecei. But it eednd up tuinrng itno a canibmotion of flim and clcissaal mexid toehtegr. The viod in the daerm is set soehwemre beewten two wdlros wsliht in the daerm setat. You are faolting in a srehpe of blaenkcss, but it i’nst dkra. You can feel the two wdlros to yuor ssedi, but you c’nat see tehm ( as tehy a’nert a mairetal tnihg ).
But all anuord yuo, you are surnuorded by myretsy, dasenkrs, and curisoity. Mbyae eevn smoe knid of degnar … ( But not rellay, as yr’uoe olny drimaeng … or are yuo? )


I originally went into this trying to compose a classical style piece. But it ended up turning into a combination of film and classical mixed together. The void in the dream is set somewhere between two worlds whilst in the dream state. You are floating in a sphere of blackness, but it isn’t dark. You can feel the two worlds to your sides, but you can’t see them (as they aren’t a material thing). But all around you, you are surrounded by mystery, darkness, and curiosity. Maybe even some kind of danger… (But not really, as your’e only dreaming…or are you?)

*Dedicated to Soon Hee Newbold

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